New Wet Tyres for F. TKM in 2013

MAXXIS Wet Tyres for F. TKM 2013

Formula TKM classes will switch to a new Maxxis wet weather tyre starting in January completing the upgrade of the class to new age ‘green’ specification tyres.

Maxxis Tyres and Tal-Ko Racing have used the opportunity of a change to re-assess the tyres and the new versions will have significantly different chemical and construction format.

The new tyres have a totally different tread pattern, and they will have a larger diameter to help cut through deep water. Testing has shown them to make control much easier and to cut lap times significantly.

But while they will be quicker – by maybe as much as 2 seconds a lap – vitally they will still have excellent durability.

Alan Turney, from Tal-Ko Racing, owners of the TKM classes, said: “When we brought out the new slick tyre two years ago we said they would be faster yet more durable than the old tyres and we were exactly right. They achieved the seemingly impossible.

“We believe these new wet tyres will do exactly the same thing. We felt it important that, especially for newcomers into the Junior class from Cadets, that they would appreciate tyres which make driving a little easier.”

The new tyres, which will have red and white labels, will be available from late November for those who wish to go testing. They will become useable for racing from January 1, though for club racing the older wet tyres will still be useable until April 1.

The new wet tyres will incorporate bar coding and will be on a similar price level to the existing tyres. Tal-Ko will be issuing further technical advice details before next year and the tyres will be on display at the Kartmania Show on the Tal-Ko stand.

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