We are excited about the coming 2020 SuperOneBKC season. We have been working away behind the scenes getting things in place for a successful 2020 season.

We are delighted to announce that most classes are almost FULL.

  • Comer C50 (40+ drivers)
  • IAME M1 bambino (30+drivers)
  • Pooled Honda cadet (30+ drivers)
  • ROK classes (30+ drivers)
  • Rotax classes (40+ drivers)

Rules and regulations are currently being finalised for all classes and will appear on the website soon.
We are getting lots of questions in at the moment regarding tyres, costs and how the pooled engines work. All will make perfect sense once the rules and regs are uploaded but for now we hope the information below answers a few of your questions.

Bambino C50 groups:

Due to the influx of C50 Comer registrations we are working hard to split these 2 groups evenly, we will be running “C50 New Era” for the younger/newer generation and “C50 Pro” for the older/experienced generation.

Once we have split these groups we will send them out to you all and give you opportunity to tell us if you feel your driver should be in the opposing group and explain your reasons why.

Entry fee costs:

Weekend entry fees for 2020 are £180 per weekend (Includes both Saturday and Sunday Races) with additional (optional) Friday practice at £55.

Race entries are now open so if you want to start entering the race weekends early you can do so by following this link and logging into your account.



Tyres can be purchased online when submitting your race entries you will all need to order 1 set of dry and 1 set of wet tyres ahead of round 1. (C50 bambino’s only need order 1 set of all-weather Le-Conts.)
All Tyres will be parc ferme and stored in a tyre bay. You must order 2 x Super One tyre holders (or supply your own Super One tyre holder if you have them).

All tyres and tyre holders can be ordered online and will be distributed at the first round.

Honda pooled engines:

Pooled Engine rental in the Honda cadet class will be £75 per weekend and payable upon entering each race, (use of a pooled engine during Friday testing is possible for an additional £40 on the day).
Alternatively if you pay your annual pooled engine fee up front you will receive a FREE MAXTORQUE clutch. (Email us for details on how to pay.)


You will be required to complete a licence application form which will be emailed and are on the website HERE.

Meeting Format:

Friday – Optional Open Practice

Saturday – Practice Sessions. Timed Qualifying. Final 1. Final 2.

Sunday – Practice Sessions. Heats. Final

Trophies presented on both days.

6 weekends
12 Rounds
Best 10 rounds count.

Seeded numbers awarded for Championship places.

We will send out further communication in a few weeks once the Rules and Regulations have been uploaded to the website.

Any questions please contact us to clarify.

Staff and a Race Centre will be at each round where we can guide and advise you for an enjoyable race weekend. We will be there to help you.

Kind Regards
The SuperOneBKC Team

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