SSM Super One Series Round 4: Buckmore 13-14 June 2015


SSM Super One Series: Round 4 Buckmore Park 13/14 June 2015

Britain’s premier championship travelled to Buckmore Park in Kent for the fourth round of the 2015 series. The IAME Cadet for the MSA British Championship and Rotax ABkC National Championship classes were enjoying their third round of the seven round season with the TKM classes into their second round.  The local club made everyone feel very welcome at their circuit which is on two levels with a fast downhill plunge out of the tree lined upper area, round a hairpin and back up to the finish in front of their splendid clubhouse.  The start goes into two right hand corners then a series of hairpins all giving great overtaking opportunities.  As has become the norm in the clutched classes, there were standing starts, only TKM having rolling starts.  Much emphasis was given to ensure that no-one deliberately overheated their clutches before the standing starts. Unusually every class had a double winner.

Mini Max

Mini Max had been the closest class all weekend with the first eleven in timed qualifying blanketed by only two tenths of a second.  Axel Charpentier topped this from Owen Byatt and Zachary Robertson.  Charpentier and Joe Turney took the heat wins, but Turney had a troubled first final, dropping to the back.  Charpentier took up position at the head of the lead train for the first half then the fighting started in earnest with Fin Kenneally, Tom Canning and Tom Wood all taking turns at the front.  A few laps to go the trouble came for Turney and Tyler Chesterton in leading positions, whilst Kiern Jewiss took over at the front for the win over Charpentier and Robertson.  Meanwhile Canning, Kenneally and Mark Kimber were all excluded for driving issues or contravention of flag signals.  For the second final Charpentier and William Pettitt shared the lead for the first half in what was a 13 kart train before Wood briefly took charge. However it was Jewiss that sneaked in front to take the flag first by just holding off Wood and Pettitt, with the top 13 covered by just 3 seconds.  Robertson’s luck ran out, as did Turney’s once more whilst Canning made it up to sixth place. Jewiss thus has 37 points in hand over Charpentier in the standings.

Junior Max

Similar to the Mini’s Junior Max found themselves with a titanic battle for the wins in the two finals.  At the start of the event Jonathan Hoggard was best in timed qualifying by just three hundredths of a second over Dean MacDonald.  Jordan Brown-Nutley and Tom Gamble took the heats with MacDonald very close in both and lining up third on the grid behind these other two.  Gamble, MacDonald, Brown-Nuttley traded the first final lead with Harrison Thomas sneaking ahead for a lap but in the end it was the wily Scot in the shape of MacDonald who won over Oliver York and Zak Fulk, Brown-Nutley demoted to fourth.  Ben Davis and Alex Pendlebury both fell foul of the clutch heating rules, whilst Myles Apps had a driving standards penalty.  The second final always looked to be between Brown-Nutley and MacDonald after they made a break from the pack late in the race. MacDonald it was who eventually edged it over Brown-Nutley with McCarthy stealing third on the last lap from Tom Gamble who also lost fourth to Harrison Thomas.  But Gamble was excluded for driving in a manner incompatible with safety.  McCarthy and Harrison Thomas are tying at the top of the points table with McDonald lurking in third.

Iame Cadet

Iame Cadet enjoyed a full grid of karts and the result was always going to be a very tough race to call. Dexter Patterson started the ball rolling with fastest in TQ over Piers Henderson and Reggie Duhy whilst championship leader Jonny Edgar was only ninth.   Patterson maintained his advantage over both heats with Edgar working his way through to be third on the first final grid and briefly leading.  He was usurped by Patterson for a few laps then Edgar and Harry Thompson took over, Patterson eventually dropping to twelfth after a tangle with Marlow whilst Thompson won. For the second final it was Edgar who made the running in the first half of the race with Thompson and Finlay Bunce in pursuit. Patterson stormed back up to briefly take the lead before dropping to sixth with his place filled by Thompson who went on to take victory. Owen Marlow pushed him all the way with Patterson recovering to third.  However  Marlow was then excluded on an alleged carburettor ineligibility but has appealed so the results remain provisional.  Edgar remains at the top of the standings by a mere six points over Patterson.

Senior Max

Jack Bartholomew, having a one off from his BRDC F4 campaign, was fastest in the inevitably tight timed qualifying session for Senior Max over Gary Donnelly and Luke Knott.  Bartholomew and Knott had a heat win apiece, with Bartholomew having a poor outing in the first one so mid grid for the first final.  Knott enjoyed a lights to flag victory over Sam Marsh with Bartholomew up to fifth.  For Final 2 Knott found himself 2.4 seconds behind  a runaway Marsh after just a couple of laps. But with the assistance of his team-mate Connor Hall, the pair reeled Marsh in with Knott passing Hall in a do or die move on the last lap!  Marsh is at the top of the points table with Knott and Hall next and chasing hard.

Junior TKM

Matthew Graham edged Christopher Whitton and Jack Davidson in the timed qualifier opener for Junior TKM.  Graham went onto win both heats with Sam Fowler joining him on the front row for the first final.  But Graham found a fight on his hands in that race with Jack Davidson, just getting the lead back at the end.  However Davidson was excluded for driving standards elevating Matthew Taylor. The start to the second final was explosive to say the least with at least six drivers taking their turn to lead from the front. However after 12 laps Davidson had stormed back to the front, and he and Graham given a chance to run away with the race which was exactly what they did before Graham passed Davidson in the late stages once more. Joining them on the podium was Ryan Edwards.  Graham has a few points in hand over Taylor and Edwards in the standings.

TKM Extreme

Amongst a rather small grid of TKM Extremes Matt England took fastest time and therefore the heat poles, both of which he won.  He had a grip on the lead in the first final until lap 21, when he commenced a decline to fourth, Al Paterson passing for the win then also James Ogden and Joe Forsdyke.  England’s poor start in the second final ultimately cost him his chance to eventually fight for a victory. He came up to second with 7 laps to go but just couldn’t quite close Paterson down in time. Behind this pair was Owain Rosser, just able to hold off Forsdyke for the final podium spot. England holds onto the points lead over Forsdyke and Paterson.


Mini Max Final 1: 1st Kiern Jewiss (Starwberry Racing), 2nd Axel Charpentier (Strawberry Racing), 3rd Zachary Robertson (KR Sport), 4th Jenson Butterfield (Coles Racing), 5th Tom Wood (RL Racing Department), 6th William Pettitt (Tooley Motorsport)

Mini Max Final 2: 1st Jewiss, 2nd Wood, 3rd Pettitt, 4th Charpentier, 5th Owen Byatt (Aim Motorsport), 6th Tom Canning (Dan Holland Racing)

Junior Max Final 1: 1st Dean MacDonald (Aim Motorsport), 2nd Oliver York (Aim Motorsport), 3rd Zak Fulk (Coles Racing), 4th Jordan Brown-Nutley (CRM), 5th Harrison Thomas (KR Sport), 6th Jack McCarthy (Strawberry Racing)

Junior Max Final 2: 1st MacDonald, 2nd Brown-Nutley, 3rd McCarthy, 4th Thomas, 5th Josh Skelton (Strawberry Racing), 6th Jonathon Hoggard (KR Sport)

Iame Cadet Final 1: 1st Harry Thompson (Fusion Motorsport), 2nd Jonny Edgar (Fusion Motorpsort), 3rd Joshua Rattican (KMS), 4th Owen Marlow (Zip Allstars), 5th Georgi Dimitrov (Fusion Motorsport), 6th Finlay Bunce (Aim Motorsport)

Iame Cadet Final 2 (provisional): 1st Thompson, 2nd Patterson, 3rd Bunce, 4th Rattican, 5th Edgar, 6th Henderson

Senior Rotax Final 1: 1st Luke Knott (Strawberry Racing), 2nd Sam Marsh (Dan Holland Racing), 3rd Connor Hall (Strawberry Racing), 4th Brett Ward (Aim Motorsport), 5th Jack Bartholomew (KR Sport), 6th Matthew Hirst (KR Sport)

Senior Rotax Final 2: 1st Knott, 2nd Hall, 3rd Marsh, 4th Bartholomew, 5th Jac Constable (Dan Holland Racing), 6th Hirst

Junior TKM Final 1: 1st Matthew Graham (Jade Karts), 2nd Matthew Taylor (Flex Motorsport), 3rd Sam Fowler (Jade Karts), 4th Ryan Edwards (Red Racing), 5th Christopher Whitton (Privateer), 6th Adam Sparrow (Privateer)

Junior TKM Final 2: 1st Graham, 2nd Jack Davidson (Litchfield Motorsport), 3rd Edwards, 4th Joseph Reeves-Smith (Jade Karts), 5th Fowler, 6th Bradley White (Privateer)

TKM Extreme Final 1: 1st Al Paterson (Privateer), 2nd James Ogden (Klaassen Motorsport), 3rd Joe Forsdyke (GFE Talko) 4th Matt England (Privateer), 5th Owain Rosser (Jade Karts), 6th Kyle Sproat (Litchfield Motorsport)

TKM Extreme Final 2: 1st Paterson, 2nd England, 3rd Rosser, 4th Forsdyke, 5th Ogden, 6th Sproat




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