SSM Super One Series Round 6: Larkhall 11-12 July 2015



The sixth round of Britain’s top karting series had all classes but Rotax on its visit to Scotland.  A few rain showers helped to liven up proceedings and gave rise to some quite unexpected results.  Guesting was the MSA Bambino Championship for the 6 – 8 year olds, where Taylor Orridge came out on top of Freddie Slatter and Alfie Briggs.

MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

Jonny Edgar and Brandon Martland were awarded the wins in the two finals after Dexter Patterson, who had dominated the results, was excluded from the meeting for alleged ineligible fuel. He has appealed the penalty to the National Court. Edgar was trailing Patterson in the first final but still managed to put over 4s on what became the second place battle.  Finlay Bunce came out on top of the fight with Taylor Barnard with Harry Thompson slipping back but still holding off Owen Marlow.  Brandon Martland had reached fifth before falling to 22nd and then storming back to seventh.  In the second final Martland continued his progress for the eventual win, reaching second within a few laps but finding Patterson out of reach.   Edgar fell to to the back at the start with a stalled engine and had to use all his skill for an eventual third place behind Barnard, to keep his provisional championship lead.  Bunce came out on top of a close dice for fourth.

MSA British Kart Championship

Defending champion Henry Easthope was in top form at the Scottish circuit of Larkhall, winning all the races and only pipped in timed qualifying by Adam Glear.  Glear made the best start in the first final but Easthope found a way through by a third distance and pulled a comfortable gap.  Glear also succumbed to Sam Webster.  In the second final Easthope nailed the start and ran to an unchallenged victory whilst Webster only lasted a couple of laps.  Webster had mistakenly taken his slick tyres out of parc ferme and was forced to use rain tyres in the second final which did not last. Shaun Slavin took advantage of the ailing Webster to leapfrog Glear, but only for a few laps.  With only a seventh and fourth Scott Allen has relinquished the championship lead to Easthope.

ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship

Dragan Pinsent honed his kart’s handling to culminate with two final wins from starting out seventh in timed qualifying, Ben Fayers taking honours in that.  After heat wins by Oliver Clarke and Harry Thompson, Pinsent had fallen back to 13th on the first final grid. But he buckled down and by lap 6 was in second shadowing Harry Thompson.  A splendid last lap move earned Pinsent the win over Thompson with Clarke and Oliver Bearman holding station behind. Alex Lloyd was next but had a five place penalty added.  Pinsent and Clarke broke away in the second final, having 10s over the third place battle, but their positions unchanged throughout. Thompson, Lloyd and Fayers traded third but finished in that order, the race prematurely halted with a red flag leaving no opportunity for those waiting for the last lap lunges.  Oliver Clarke maintains his fifteen points lead over Thompson.

ABkC Junior TKM National Championship

The Junior TKM finals were notable for the unexpected winners.  After a timed qualifying topped by Susanne Gutzold, Sam Fowler and Abbi Pullin, Gutzold and Jack Davidson went onto win the heats.  But it was Ryan Edwards and Matthew Taylor who lined up at the front of the first final grid, the track drying and Louis Wortley in last place gambling on slicks along with Christopher Whitton, Jack Davidson and Joseph Reeves-Smith. But Reeves-Smith went off in the slippy early laps losing a lot of time being restarted. With Ryan Edwards and Matthew Graham taking up the early running once the track came to those slick shod runners Davidson forged to the front only to retire with a couple of laps to run, going off with suspected brake failure.  That let Wortley take over with Whitton following whilst Graham and Bradley White were 27s in arrears. Wortley had one lap in the second final lead before slipping backwards, his place taken by Whitton with White chasing down the not insignificant gap.  White slipped into the lead with five laps remaining, Graham following him through.  But Whitton quickly retrieved second leaving Graham on the third step of the podium but still at the top of the standings with 15 points in hand over Matthew Taylor who had stormed up to fourth in the second final from last place in the first.

ABkC TKM Extreme National Championship

James Ogden was the man in form on Saturday with fastest in qualifying and two heat wins whilst Matt England never really looked able to challenge.  But Ogden went off after only a few laps in the lead of the first final on Sunday, after Al Paterson had exchanged places but was knocked back to third. Kyle Sproat took up the running, trading places with England and then Owain Rosser but getting the lead back for the chequer.  In that last lap sort out Rosser fell to fifth and Paterson followed through to second ahead of England. In the second final Sproat and England fought for the lead, Sproat coming out on top to lead most of the race whilst Ogden came from the back of the small grid to third.  England is still well in control of the championship with a slightly diminished 21 points in hand over Sproat.

Junior X30 International Qualifier

Angus Fender shone in timed qualifying but then incurred a five place penalty in the first heat, won by Philip Hanson with wildcard local driver Jack Gordon taking the second.  That all left Harry Platten and Ethan Pitt on the front row for the first final with Platten initially leading before handing over to Pitt.  Thomas Pegram was next to the front then Platten once more until Gordon, who had lurked in third for much of the race, came up to challenge and win.  Pegram followed through for second whilst Platten lost another two places on the last lap.  Gordon had no problems in the second final pulling out 7s over the battle between Hanson, Joshua Thompson and Platten.  But Platten lost places again leaving Hanson and Thompson on the podium with Fender in fourth.  At the halfway point of the series Harry Platten leads Ethan Pitt by 14 points, the latter suffering a five place penalty in the first final.

Senior X30 International Qualifier

Dean Hale and Jamie Flynn vied for the wins over the weekend, firstly to Hale who had been fastest in the time trials, then Flynn for the second heat.  Then Flynn made an inspired choice of rain tyres for the first final and lapped second place Josh Collings twice with Hale hanging onto third.  From the lead Flynn plummeted down the order in the second final when Hale and Collings went through and out ahead for the duration. Flynn then had a coming together in his attempts to get back towards the front. Hale crossed the line less than a tenth ahead.  It’s very tight at the top of the championship standings with Hale leading Collings by a point and Flynn only a further four back.


IAME MSA British Cadet Championship
Final 1 (Provisional):1 Jonny Edgar (Synergy); 2 Finlay Bunce (Zip); 3 Taylor Barnard (Zip); 4 Harry Thompson (Zip); 5 Owen Marlow (Zip)
Final 2 (Provisional): 1 Brandon Martland (Zip); 2 Barnard; 3 Edgar; 4 Bunce; 5 Thompson.
KZ1 MSA British Championship
Final 1: 1 Henry Easthope (Sodi/TM); 2 Sam Webster (ART-Birel/TM); 3 Adam Glear (CRG/Maxter); 4 Dan Kelly (Sodi/TM); 5 Ben Blick (Sodi/TM).
Final 2: 1 Easthope; 2 Glear; 3 Shaun Slavin (CRG/Maxter); 4 Scott Allen (Gold/IAME); 5 Kelly.
ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship
Final 1: 1 Dragan Pinsent (Project One); 2 Harry Thompson (Project One); 3 Oliver Clarke (BRK); 4 Oliver Bearman (Zip); 5 Wesley Mason (Project One).
Final 2: 1 Pinsent; 2 Clarke; 3 Thompson; 4 Alex Lloyd (BRK); 5 Ben Fayers (Project One).
ABkC Junior TKM National Championship
Final 1: 1 Louis Wortley (Jade); 2 Christopher Whitton (Tal-Ko); 3 Matthew Graham (Jade); 4 Bradley White (Jade); 5 Kristian Brierley (Tonykart).
Final 2: 1 White; 2 Whitton; 3 Graham; 4 Matthew Taylor (Tonykart); 5 Jack Davidson (Tonykart).
ABkC TKM Extreme National Championship
Final 1: 1 Kyle Sproat (Tonykart); 2 Al Paterson (Alonso); 3 Matt England (Tal-Ko); 4 Andrew Ferguson (Intrepid); 5 Owain Rosser (Jade).
Final 2: 1 Sproat; 2 England; 3 James Ogden (Tonykart); 4 Rosser; 5 Paterson.
Junior X30 International Qualifier
Final 1: 1 Jack Gordon (Tonykart); 2 Thomas Pegram (Tonykart); 3 Philip Hanson (Tonykart); 4 Joshua Thompson (Tonykart); 5 Harry Platten (Octane).
Final 2: 1 Gordon; 2 Hanson; 3 Thompson; 4 Angus Fender (Gold); 5 Ethan Pitt (Gold).
Senior X30 International Qualifier
Final 1: 1 Jamie Flynn (Alonso); 2 Josh Collings (CRG); 3 Dean Hale (Gold); 4 Max Goldsmith (Gold); 5 Craig Mooney (CRG).
Final 2: 1 Hale; 2 Collings; 3 Euan Wilson (Alonso); 4 Mooney; 5 Oliver Reith (Alonso).


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