TKM help drivers with illegally modified engines

Over the past couple of months we have discovered and identified an engine builder who has been carrying out grossly non-compliant illegal modifications to TKM BT82 cylinder barrels and pistons.

In order to help any current owner/driver who unfortunately finds that they have an illegally modified TKM BT82 engine from this builder and to ensure rapid rectification back to conformity, we are making the following offer with immediate effect:

  • We will free of charge carry out a simple inspection on any engine brought or sent to us to check for the compliance of the barrel and piston to regulations.
  • If the engine is found to be non-compliant we will provide a new barrel and piston as required to put the engine back to legal condition. These parts will be supplied at a special 40% discount off retail price plus VAT on the condition that the non-compliant parts are left with us for destruction.
  • If an owner wishes to retain the old illegal components then these will be clearly marked as illegal and the discount will be reduced to 20%.
  • In either case the owner has the option of having us rebuild the engine as required or can take the engine and parts away for rebuild.

We point out that several customers/drivers have told us that when we have rebuilt their engine with the conforming correct parts, they have actually found them to be faster than before.

This offer will run until the end of January 2015 and we fully expect this to get rid of any engines that may be lurking un-checked.

The engine builder concerned has admitted carrying out the work to Grahame Butterworth (TKM Coordinator) and I, and certain matters are now progressing on this which we will notify in due course when complete.

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